Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags

(Dec 24 2016) Remembering a very different Christmas Eve in Edinburgh in 2010 with this wonderful scene.

My wife and I went for a walk and at the last minute grabbed a camera and was so glad I did. Some great shots.

This image was also seen and chosen to be in a UK outdoor exhibition. The star of Monty Python and writer and traveler, Michael Palin, launched the 2013 Britain from the Air outdoor exhibition.

Supported by City of Edinburgh Council and brought to Edinburgh by the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers and supported by Wecommunic8. Michael Palin, former president of the Royal Geographical Society, says: “I can think of no better time to celebrate Britain’s built and natural landscapes. And the size and scale of ‘Britain from the Air’ will, I’m sure, appeal to the widest possible audience in the most exciting and powerful way.”

Very pleased to have my photo chosen to be in the exhibition. Not only that but it was the picture chosen by the organisors to present to Michael.

Edinburgh snow landscape original picture

Britain from the Air
BBC Scotland
Edinburgh Evening News
and amongst many others, Informed Edinburgh