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… photos inspired by Scotland’s Capital

Photographs and pictures from Edinburgh

A city of shifting light that transforms its skylines in minutes. Time that can ‘paint’ a vista into a stunning photographic landscape with a sky and city immortalised in a digital file – and turn a stroll, or sometimes an hour of waiting into a fruitful passage of time.

Like any place on earth the seasons come and pass by, adding and taking away from the fixed elements – the buildings, skyline, hills and mountains, reflections, streets, castles. And in Edinburgh there’s the sensual, with added sense and purpose of its history, the festivals, its energy, and inspitation for business and leisure.

Edinburgh…. a place to live, visit and invest in whichever way you choose.

Edinburgh Skylines & General

Panoramas, skylines and general.

Edinburgh Festivals

Milatary Tattoo, Jazz, Fringe and other Festivals.

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There is also a page for photos from other areas in Scotland.

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